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*Please note that some people are having problems getting their payments to go through when using a prepaid card. If you have this issue, please call us at 443.386.7744 and we will take payment over the phone.

We understand that this can be an overwhelming and difficult time. Allow us to make it just a little easier by preparing your divorce papers, Divorce is what we do and we will make your difficult decision just a little easier.

We include all of the documents you need to get your divorce in a Texas Court. This includes a Marital Settlement Agreement which spells out all division of assets and debts as well as child support paperwork and medical support papers. We will also include a Pauper's Oath (court fee waiver form) for those who are low income and need to get their court fees waived.

Texas Military Divorces

If you are stationed in Texas, you will need to file for your divorce in Texas. It is a common misunderstanding that you have to file in the state in which you are a legal resident but being in the military makes you a resident of Texas according to the courts since Texas is where you physically reside.

Being in the military or divorcing someone in the military requires a few extra forms and we are very familiar with the military divorce process.

Texas Legal Separation

Texas does not recognize legal separations, although, if you are not ready to divorce, you can have a separation agreement which covers propery settlement, child custody, and child support.

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*excluding weekends and holidays. intake forms receieved after 4p est on Friday may not be processed until the following Monday.